Find a place to belong.

We are a safe and healing church community.

What should I expect?

What happens when I visit for the first time? 

As you walk in the door, you will be greeted by individuals in our community. You are welcome to grab a coffee in the lobby, say hi and find a way to a seat (bring your coffee!). 

What should I wear?

As you gather with us, come as you are, just be you. We are everyday people. You will see people dressed in a varied matter of ways. Our pastor tends to preach in jeans and sneakers.

How long does your worship gathering last?

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM. Our worship gathering will last about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Where are you located?

We meet in an old and historic church building at 524 River Corner Road in Conestoga, PA. Our driveway is rather long, but don't be put off.

Where do kids go during the church gathering?

After our worship through song, we will take a coffee break. During this coffee break, parents can check their children into our children's program.

Do you collect an offering or tithe?

There is a box for giving and tithes that is located in the back of the worship space of our church building. This box is a way for our regulars and members to worship through giving and to support our community. Individuals will just drop-in their tithes as they come and go. Guests are under no obligation or expectation to give.