Appetite, Affirmation, and Ambition (Lent 2023)

Appetite, Affirmation, and Ambition

Appetite, Affirmation, and Ambition (Lent 2023)

Throughout Lent (2023), we explored how life (both the evil and brokenness in this world) tries to undermine the identity that we have in Jesus. The confidence that we have in our identity is often hijacked when life gets us to doubt God's provision, God's protection and God's promises. Doubts that undermine our confidence usually come through our temptations of appetite (Lust of the Flesh), affirmation (Pride of Life) and ambition (Lust of the Eyes). In this Lent series, we look at what it means to have our identity firmed up by Jesus and empowered by God's Spirit - so that we do not lose ourselves to our unhealthy and unhelpful appetites, need for affirmation, and ambitions.

An Introduction

Inventorying our Appetite

Inventorying our Need for Affirmation

Inventorying our Ambition

Led By The Spirit

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