To the Church -  A Study in 1 Thessalonians - at River Corner Church, a Church Near Conestoga, PA


To the Church: 1 Thessalonians 

Our series, To the Church, will dissect Paul's first letter to the Thessalonian Church. By dissecting 1 Thessalonians we explore ways for the church to be more intentional with our faith, community, and our relationships. Paul's letter will challenge us to invest our efforts strategically, to know our scriptures in a transformative way, and to collaborate with God’s Spirit to bring about great results through small investments. 

Through the example of Paul and the Thessalonian Church, we will see how proclaiming the good news should be a bold declaration that challenges the status quo of the world. Paul also models a way that of encouraging other churches and missionaries. Living in a world of tension and properity, but with trials, tension and troubles reminds us to be both heavenly minded and earthly good. 

Despite the inevitable moments of pain, problem, and persecution, we are encouraged to find new ways to come together and grow in our faith.  The Thessalonians had an intense time of persecution, and the letter was meant to help them lose their troubles and focus on their faith. Paul wrote to them to encourage growth, to continue walking with them, and to remind them of the principles that should guide their lives as followers of Jesus. Those same principles should empower us today.

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